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Clinics in Quiche – 2

DAY 2 Welcome to the second blog about the clinics. Got your organic coffee brewed and spiced with stevia and cinnamon? Good, then let's go dive right into it. After a wonderful 8 hours of sleep, which was surprisingly good considering the shape my bed was in, I woke up at

Peten again

TREATMENTS IN THE TROPICS Here we are again - in the beautiful area of northern Guatemala known as Peten. To many, this might be known as that part where the Mirador and Tikal pyramid structures can be seen, two things I personally haven't seen yet even though I spent about one year


IT'S A JOY TO BE OF SERVICE Hi everybody! Welcome to the oneQclub! Imagine a world, where there is actually a cure for any disease! A world, where knowledge and resources are shared so everybody who is sick can get treated accordingly, in a holistic way, so they get better quick. Imagine that