Hi everybody! Welcome to the oneQclub! Imagine a world, where there is actually a cure for any disease! A world, where knowledge and resources are shared so everybody who is sick can get treated accordingly, in a holistic way, so they get better quick. Imagine that sickness wouldn’t have to be a death sentence anymore, but a mere shift of awareness towards one’s way of living, may it be physically, psychologically or even spiritually. Well, let’s go and imagine this and see what happens.

Our work is all about helping people we encounter that are in need with alternative medicine and machines that are even cooler than their names might imply. We work with a machine called Spooky2, RSG 2 (Research Signal Generator), a Magnet Pulser machine, nano colloidal silver, MMS or CDS and zero point energy wand. You might not have a clue what I am talking about, hence why you really should stay and read a bit more. So before you judge, give me a chance to explain it to you. Because remember: the highest form of ignorance is to judge something you know nothing about. So – are you ready to learn?

The doctor we work with has studied tropical medicine, psychology and worked in laboratories around the world, lectured in universities and collaborated with many doctors and politicians for the past 30 years. He has many incredible success stories from curing dengue, malaria, gastritis, recovering over 90 terminal cancers patients, deformations of many kinds. According to latest technologies and combinations of new biology / frequency research there is no longer the need to hold on to the belief that an illness can’t be healed. However, I want to ensure that we do not claim in ANY FORM to be able to cure anyone from any specific disease. It’s just me, Seabass, writing about what I see and experience.

But let’s go back to the cool stuff. The doctor holds the highest honor for humanitarian help for all his work he has done to help the poor people in the past 20 years, working with the congress and several universities of Guatemala to set up research centers and clinics for poor people that don’t have access to health care.

To hard to believe? Well, it took me half a year to believe it and after watching kids getting healed from dengue within 35 minutes and people walking again after being paralyzed, I am simply amazed to see what else these machines are capable of and quite convinced. And that is why I blog: I want to tell the world, that these things do really work – it just might be to good to be true. Let me tell you, it is actually even better!

So let me briefly explain the machines. I am not a scientist nor a doctor, so please do your own research and don’t take my words as true.


SPOOKY 2 – Bio-electric Frequency generating Machines

Royal Rife and Hulda Clark have been studying, documenting, researching and programming the effects of frequencies on cells and the human body as well as many known diseases. They came to conclusions, that cells – no matter what kind of disease or cell you examine – respond to specific frequencies. It became clear, that there must be a frequency that can heal or kill any kind of cell in your body and thus heal your cells or help you get rid of diseases. With a database of over 40’000 frequencies, you can now help heal cancer, flu, chronic fatigue, mineral deficiencies, anxiety etc. with a machine called Spooky2. For more information you want to check out this website and their forum in case you have specific questions. Additionally, you can watch many educational videos like this Ted Talk, where they show how cancer cells die due to being exposed to specific frequencies,. There are also documentaries about Rife, or you can check out Dr. Hulda Clarks website.


Based on Bob Becks Research, there are several frequencies that successfully treat almost all problems, one for the physical pain, one for mental problems and one for almost any illness within the body. The RSG is a device that runs 3 different frequencies.

Nano Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver helps us treat people with infections, diarrhea, gastritis, bacterial infections, fungus, skin diseases, etc. Many indigenous people have commented that their pain levels dropped massively after using colloidal silver. Some of them have even reported being cured from chronic infections. It is even said that it is the only known cure for Ebola.

Zero Point Energy

Based on the research of Nikola Tesla, Zero Point Energy helps the human body by alleviating stress by stimulating the blood cells to coherency, creating an organized environment for the blood to flow, reducing inflammation and tension caused by stress. The coherent blood cells are more organized and thus can more efficiently transport nutrients and oxygen, aiding in the body’s natural regeneration.

MMS / CDS / Chloride Dioxide

MMS (Mineral Miracle Solution) is a solution that helps the human body in a very simple way – through oxidation. There has been much research on it by Dr. Andreas Kalcker and it’s even claimed to heal and cure Autism. It’s supposed to kill of parasites and bacteria’s of all kinds and helps us cure arthritis, cancer, autism and parasitical infections.

Still here? Great, then let’s have a look at the miracles we experienced with these machines. Read more in other blogs about the amazing stories and become a member to stay tuned with what we are up to.

Until the next time!

Sebastian Bur - oneQclub

written by Sebastian Bur


It is a joy to be of service – try it!



The oneQclub is not an officially registered organization. All our activities are privately organized and everything published under the name „oneQclub“ is privately owned. We can not be held responsible for the improvement of peoples health we treat. The products we talk about are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for information from your healthcare practitioners. All information here is only for informational and research purposes. We are a privately organized and financed group of people doing research towards their own interest with no affiliates.

If you decide to work with the machines or practices mentioned on this website, you do it in your own responsibility and we can not be held accountable. Thank you for acknowledging our statement.