Health has become a business. And it should not be that way. You know this, we all do. And money has corrupted so many parts of our societies, including the health system. For decades now we have been lied to, we have been exploited and many of our friends, relatives and co-humans have suffered and died from diseases for which they wouldn’t have to suffer and die from, let alone all the costs involved for them. One once said: to cure a patient means to loose a customer. And that is, what is to the core wrong with society. As long as we put money before the wellbeing, mental and emotional health of people, we will not have a health care system, that is willing to openly share the truth of discoveries of the past century around health.

So let me introduce you to a brand new world of medicine, a future world of medicine that could have been reality for decades. A form of medicine that is not invasive, doesn’t compromise your immune system, does not hurt your or any living cell, but can improve your health! This medicine, while doctors and physicists around the world have been able to proof its efficiency, is so cheap that with 40 USD you could (not my words) cure any disease. Sounds like a fairy tale? Maybe it is, maybe it is not. I will neither say yes nor no, but I invite you to research and try it for yourself. Take your power back! A wise man once said, you should never fully listen and trust an authority, but only yourself! See this as an opportunity to draw yourself a picture about this so called bio electric medicine or electrical medicine.

We have now the opportunity to reach two private hospitals with their doctors that agreed on trying these machines out. So my goal is to reach out to you and ask for a donation in order to buy these two hospitals a machine to use. They are willing to document it and use it as a supplement for their conventional way of treating people.

With this blog I ask you, dear reader, to help me get funds to buy two machines and donate them to these hospitals. One machine costs 200 USD with around 100 USD shipment and taxation costs. With 600 USD we can get two machines and we can start our little experiment. I would be very thankful and so would these doctors be, I am sure.

imagine a world in which things could be different. A world where illnesses are not deemed terminal and incurable. Imagine this world, where diseases could be treated and the body could recover itself. Imagine a health care system, where you do not need to pay for any treatment because it is so easy and cheap to get your body to get better.


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and claim nothing. I can’t cure anything nor do the machines I talk about. But there is evidence that scientists have discovered ways to help the body heal itself.

Sebastian Bur - oneQclub

written by Sebastian Bur


It is a joy to be of service – try it!



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