Around 60% of the kids of Guatemala do not have enough food. Every 4th person is suffering from Diabetes. We want to change that. Not only do we feed the poor, we also educate them how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But we need your help. We work completely for free. Your help will help us buy food, shoes and school material for the kids of Guatemala. And it is much needed!

Save lives today by donating now!

Help us out today by donating money in form of Cryptocurrency or Cash. We will buy groceries and donate them to the people that are in need. You can also help by buying one of the machines listed below. For more information, please get in Contact with us!


  • Donate a Spooky 2 Generation X kit that can diagnose people within 10 minutes and treat them accurately with over 40’000 frequency set ups.


  • Donate a Research Signal Generator (RSG) with which we can treat people with various diseases like Dengue, Cancer, Diabetes and HIV.

Magnet Pulser

  • The magnet pulser is highly effective for treating tumors, systs (ovaries) and gastritis (negative) and for enhancing circulation (positive)

Colloidal Silver

  • The Nano Colloidal Silver Generator helps us to give a most effective antibiotic for over 650 health problems for free to indigenous people


We are a privately organized group of individuals doing this work completely for free. Living out of bags for years without having a base we sometimes only a cement floor as a bed and no food. But that didn’t stop us. We continue helping humanity. 

Thank you very much for your support

It is a joy to be of service

45 sunrise ave Excelsior Mn 55331


+502 5193 2878