Do something awesome today!

Save a life right now! Buy an RSG 2, a Spooky 2, a Magnet Pulser or some other medical instruments and ship them straight to us! Dengue gets successfully treated with the RSG-2 within an hour, it takes 10 minutes for diagnosing a person with the Spooky2 and cysts can be efficiently treated with the Magnet Pulser within 5 days! Your Donation helps countless people – immediately!
You can also help us with cash through PayPal to support us with our daily expenses.
Want to gift us some Cryptocurrencies? We HODL our Cryptos for our long term vision – self sustainable clinics and schools for the indigenous!

Save lives today!

  • Safe countless lifes with 940 USD

  • Safe one live an hour with 200 USD

  • Invest in the future of indigenous people!


  • Donate a Spooky 2 Generation X kit that can diagnose people within 10 minutes and treat them accurately with over 40’000 frequency set ups.


  • Donate a Research Signal Generator (RSG) with which we can treat people with various diseases like Dengue, Cancer, Diabetes and HIV.

Magnet Pulser

  • The magnet pulser is highly effective for treating tumors, systs (ovaries) and gastritis (negative) and for enhancing circulation (positive)

Colloidal Silver

  • The Nano Colloidal Silver Generator helps us to give a most effective antibiotic for over 650 health problems for free to indigenous people

Bloodsugar Test

  • 25% of the indigenous population has diabetes. In order to show them how the machines drop the sugar level, we require blood sugar machines.


  • You can also help us by buying an Otoscope. Always good to have for a general checkup, right? And this one let you see the image via your phone


  • For 5 USD you can help a person and her family to have access to 3 months of magnesium supply, which 80 % of the popuplation lack.


  • Buy a bottle of chloride dioxide which kills pathogens and viruses as well as toxins (glyphosate). It works through a process called oxydation.

We are a privately organised group of individuals doing this work without regular income. We live in faith and have been able to do our work for over a year now. If you feel like you want to help us personally we very much appreciate any donation for food, accomodation, bus tickets and other expenses! If you think our long term vision is something you want to support us with, you can do so by either sending us Cryptos or donate some Cash, which we convert into Cryptocurrencies. 

Thank you very much for your support


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