how it began

As 2020 is almost coming to an end, I would love to look back to this rather unique year. I am sitting at the very same place as I have been sitting a year ago. Same time, same location. Everything is the same, yet it feels that about everything has changed thouh. When exiting my door I have to wear a mask and bath my hands in alcohol in about everywhere I walk in, no matter where I go. We have all entered a new time and one wonders if life on the planet will ever be like it used to before. How strange to watch it all change in less than a year. But as we all have a possibly difficult year almost behind us, I would love to bring the focus on our experience of this year 2020. Because while there was so much confusion, so much hate, so much fear and so many conflicts, we tried as hard as we could to keep the focus on the good and do what we can within the place where we end up at. Because we know that where attention goes, energy flows. This year we will remember as one where we all learned a lot. So let’s see what and how we experienced the year 2020.

On a late February Saturday night, I finally arrived at the beach. Our friend who owns a house down at the beach told us his family invited us for a short stay there. I was excited, packed a few things for two days, wishing it to become 5 or even a week. While we were waiting for our friend Arturo to pick us up, I ran back into the apartment to grab something. I remember thinking of my passport and my very personal stuff, but I left it there, as he arrived in the mean time so I rushed back out. I wouldn’t need it for two days anyways, said my reason. Little did I know. One of those moments where intuition might not make sense but for sure has its reason. We drove down south. The short stop at a gasoline shop where I bought myself a strange fruit juice will be a moment I will think of many times in the future. It is funny how I smile about this now because I now know what the time between here and then is filled with and how I had no clue back then. But isn’t that how it always goes and hence a good thing to remember to just enjoy the momentary goods that we can enjoy?

We arrived late, the sun set already. The personal pool at the house filled with fresh water, a massive bowl of Ceviche from fresh fish from the ocean was ready. It was but a snack! We sat at the wooden table at the pool, Juan the engineer was already here eating crackers as his vegan lifestyle wouldn’t allow him to taste the outstanding Ceviche. And after the bowl of awesome freshness I had to go check out the beach. The three of us (being Kyle, Arturo and me) went down to the waves. It was dark, only stars in the sky. Music from far away indicated some festivities going on. The waves touched my feet and in a moment of excitement I said: «Ah, back to origin»! And a gut feeling within me said, this is deeper than I imagine. I had no clue but I knew it meant something more profound. Kyle and Arturo seemed to not have noticed. We talked on about life and soon went back to take a swim in the pool. The beautiful lights around the house mixed with some sweet beats from the distance, the sound of the waves made it pure paradise. Palmtreas surrounding us, in between starks twinkled down upon us. What a scenery!

Later we had dinner, wine, more Ceviche and more swimming and after a lot of talking and eating I went to bed. Little black things on my bed attracted my attention, maybe poop of little animals I thought. Something else that will cross my path many times. this year I slept good with the sound of waves crashing on the beach 30 meters from my bed.

After two days of ceviche, beach, heat and laughter everybody left the beach to go back to the City. The doctor and I though asked if we could stay a couple of days longer, which was granted. We had one of our spooky2 machines with us and as a thank you we treated both maids. One of them, Ada, had chronic pain in her shoulder and legs and after two days felt much better. Her friend who was suffering from Gastritis, one of the major problems we keep encountering here, felt much better instantly. But I will come back to her story later. For now I want to focus on a lady that was our main reason to extend our wonderful stay at the beach from three days to one week, then two and so on.

Her name is Dona Estella, a grandmother in her 70s. She has been diagnosed with diabetes and currently was suffering from a severe ulcer on her left foot due to the diabetes. So as Ada the maid was so happy with the treatments she asked if we could help her friend Estella, which we did. We would try to help her because the doctors intended to cut off her leg from the knee downward which, if possible, we would love to prevent from happening. So for the first week, we treated her every day at around 10am with the spooky2 machine with specific frequencies and the one RSG we had at the beach. But she would need some Colloidal Silver too, as we saw various pathogens being diagnosed by the spooky2 machine. A week later, Kyle came back down and brought us a couple of our machines so we could treat more efficiently. By now though we had also Estella’s whole family in the house, including her daughter and son, her daughter in law and her somewhat son in law and more of Ada’s friends and her family which would total to about 15 people.  They all showed up around ten and every day we would someone else with some problem, like the family member of Ada with Prostate problems or her nephew with a ton of candida and a serious addiction to coca cola (like about every third person here). And in this manner the days passed. We would treat two handful of people in the morning and enjoy the day the beach, the heat in the afternoon.

Dona Estella felt better each day. Her wound got better and we could see a clear improvement within the first two weeks. We intended to leave after two weeks, but now that we saw how much better she was, we wanted to totally heal her wound so she wouldn’t have to cut off her leg. The owner of the house sent us an ok with food for about a month. What a blessing this was for us. By now we also took care of Estellas daughter in law, Rosmarie. She suffered from a serious infection, which didn’t get cured for about three years. She tried everything she could and spend more than she could afford. Her husband is a fisherman and they live a simple life. She encountered us and was willing to try the spooky2 machines and the Colloidal Silver and within 5 days she was completely healed. She was so happy and so was her husband. As a thank you he took us out fishing at 4 in the morning, which I at first was sceptic about but afterwards thought was the best gift he could give us.

In the meantime Corona did its thing and put europe and the States in fear and shortly after also made its rounds in central america, leaving us and many people here confused, scared and hesitant about what to do and where to go. For now we decided to no longer treat people in the house but outside on another covered area, so there would be less chance of a contamination. By the days the situation got more dier as people started to no longer be able to go to work, the tourists had to leave the area, the buses would’t be allowed to drive no longer very soon. Everything became slower. A young man, Jonathan, who lived with his grandmother and visited us for his backpain, one day stood in front of our door with his two little brothers asking for refuge as he had to leave the house. We took him on but could not also take in his brothers. They left and stayed with their mother in the City, Jonathan would help us with taking care of the patients and in echange we would take care of his needs like food shelter etc. So there were three of us now in a beachhouse taking care of people while a pandemic was in full development. And soon we will be settling in for real, establishing a sopntaneous clinic that  would take care of people from all over the place.

Sebastian Bur - oneQclub

written by Sebastian Bur