Welcome to the second blog about the clinics. Got your organic coffee brewed and spiced with stevia and cinnamon? Good, then let’s go dive right into it.

After a wonderful 8 hours of sleep, which was surprisingly good considering the shape my bed was in, I woke up at about 8 o’clock in the morning. Another wonderful day was awaiting me. The sun was shining, the chickens in the backyard were busy doing whatever chickens do in a sunny morning. I got up and enjoyed the sun on my sleepy face while walking through the field to go enjoy a breakfast – two eggs, a little bit of beans, some tomato juice and tortillas. And coffee of course. All fixed on a wooden stove that has been lit at maybe 5 in the morning. Around me only noises of birds, chickens, sometimes a dog in the distance, the cracking of wood being burned, us sipping coffee and our hosts whispering in Quiche – the native language here. Yeah, I am ready for this day!

In the meantime our hosts were heating up water for us to take a hot „shower“. Meaning we would stand on the cement floor in the washing area – which is without a roof – and pore delicious warm water over our naked bodies. Water – shampoo – water, some more water, and another bucket of water. How good the heat feels. We head straight to the room where we set up the machines, as a family already is sitting on the floors, waiting for their diagnoses. As usual, the word spread and we were pleased to treat way more people than there were yesterday. By 9 o’clock in the morning, there were about 10 people waiting for a treatment. And by the time we treated the first three people, there were some 20 more waiting. I was surprised how many kids came today, normally we see more elderly people. And, as usual, most people suffer from a lack of minerals aka magnesium, some form of parasites, whether it be tape worms, flukes or some other form of worms from animals. And then there is of course a lot of people with candida infections and molds. The kids seem to suffer from a flu currently – it has been raining the last week and hence been quite cold up here in the mountains. After the diagnose people either go to the magnet pulser if they do have problems with the veins, eyes (katarrath) or if they have cysts, they go to the next spooky 2 machine, where we treat them with our magic mix of frequencies. That mix includes arnica for pain, oxygen for increasing cell function and the classic „universal“ frequencies, which seem to help with about 75% of all problems and diseases, may it be colds, diabetes or flukes. In case there is no space or if there are heavier infections (STD, cancer, candida) we put them on the RSG2 machine for 30 minutes up to an hour. With the 4Hz frequency we basically clean their blood, which helps against various diseases and seems to be effective to boost the healing process of the body. And so we slowly get organized and try to be as efficient as possible while also showing them that we really care about them. We tell them about the benefits of moringa, the importance of magnesium, the efficiency of silver and the urgency of drinking enough pure water. We advise them to drink tea with cinnamon and cloves for parasite infection and diabetes, we encourage them to reduce alcohol, bread and peanuts. And while writing, explaining, treating and pulsing we also entertain them. TIme passes fast this morning. All these people we treat here are somehow affected from the civil war.

I can’t imagine their personal stories, but I know that they might be horrifying. Stories from the war tell about people being raped through the night, killed with all kinds of utensils in inhumane ways, burnt or skinned alive, thrown into holes in the ground. And ever since that war many of them live in severe poverty, as they lost their husbands and kids and thus the people that help them prevent food and money. Many can’t afford medicine, they come with torn clothes, some without shoes. One can not know such poverty exists when coming from the western world until experienced and I can’t be thankful for their gift they give me every day, they show me, that even with all this suffering, it is still possible to enjoy a joke, a butterfly and a cup of coffee. They hold a gift in their hearts that I have almost never seen in the west, and it seems so simple. They just focus on the beautiful and cultivate an attitude of gratitude – despite all the hardship and pain they encountered in this lifetime. They help each other, because they need each other. How come we have lost all that in the west?

So up until 2 pm I ran around – and whenever I could, I would take pictures. Information about colloidal silver is running on the laptop outside where people were waiting, somehow everyone starts to weave or eat corn that came out of the blue, kids eating lollipops, grandmothers taking care of their grandchildren while their moms are getting treated. And so we help the young, the old, the weak and the strong, one after another. It is a peaceful but energized happening with many laughter and talks. This and their gratitude pays back for all the stress, the seemingly never ending repeating cycles of writing similar receipt and explaining the same thing to the same person 5 times, the noise and the smells. Knowing that they see this as a gift from heaven that has heard their praying provides me with a bigger gift than many other things people might assume happiness being captured with.

Later on we decided though to close the clinic and not head to another place for more treatment, but instead go into town, go snoop around a bit you know. Detox. Recharge, change thoughts. We bought the boy that hosts us (he lost his dad 4 years ago in a car accident and since life has been really hard) some new shoes and went and enjoyed a fantastic cappuccino. Outstanding.

And soon after we headed back home, again, it was a long day. Beans, Tortillas, Coffee. We bought the kid some toys and had quite some fun teaching the women how to defend themselves. Kyle – our marine veteran –  has some outstanding tricks and skills which I am thankful to know as well. You know, good stuff to know, because you never know, right? We all laughed so hard when our head administrator had to unwrap her hands from my grip and pretend to kick me in the balls with her knee. I was surprisingly touched by how much they laughed and got encouraged and seemed thankful for the lessons. It seemed such a release for her to simply fight me back and laugh about it. After a good hour we said good night and tired but happy went off to bed.


The night was rough. Weird dreams, no deep sleep. And soon later we would realize why: the spooky2 remote, which we set to treat us via our DNA, was set on „energy“. And it seems to have worked, because I just kept waking up – which is quite unusual for me. I am a bear – I sleep good and deep. Funny story on the side: When Albert Einstein discovered what is commonly known as quantum entanglement, he said: «wow, that is spooky». And, yes it is. But to take a piece of nail and put it into a machine that then treats you through no location boundaries, that is quite spooky too. hence the name! Get it?

Our host woke us up at 7 am. As I opened the door to yet again being welcomed by a wonderful morning, with the sun shining and drying the wet grass while a soft mist hanged within the tree, and of course the chickens doing whatever chickens do on such a lovely morning, our host yelled „Hay agua caliente“ – there is hot water! They got up very early to get wood in order to get some water boiling, just so we could have a warm shower at 7.30 am. Incredible, especially because the mother, one of the two that provides us with food, has completely crippled hands.

Soon after we enjoyed our „atoll“ – oatmeals in water and fresh milk – a small bowl of beans with a little cream and tons of handmade tortillas and a cup of coffee. Fantastic. With a second cup of coffee I entered the clinic and was surprised, today we have again about 20 people waiting. Many of them arrived at 7 am. Some of them walked for two hours from the mountains down to the next village, in order to take a one hour bus which would bring them to this village here. Others traveled the whole previous day and slept in a place close by, because they life so far off. So this might give you a picture of how needed this work is and how much these people are willing to do, only to get a free diagnose and treatment from a doctor from the states. The first people were three women in their 70s. They all have streptococcus and flukes, so what do we do? We give them colloidal silver, we treat them with universal frequencies, we put them on the RSG for half an hour. I probably should mention that by the time every patient gets about 200 ml of free colloidal silver, which in the pharmacies is around 30 USD. Additionally, we tell them to drink cinnamon and cloves tea simply to help kill off parasites. They all came from far away and some don’t speak two words in Spanish. In the meantime, the doctor injected nova-cane in order to help with the pain in knees, skulls and feet. They often walk miles a day on simple plastic shoes, carrying heavy loads of corn, wood, water, working for hours, daily, for decades. So it is understandable that they suffer from chronic pain and they love to get the shots and also holding the bars on the spooky2, because their pain level drop massively. To help a little more, we pulse them as well.

After 5 hours of non stop work we have treated around 40 people. Thanks to the donations we are able to do this work. We and I am sure the indigenous of Guatemala are incredibly thankful for all the support we get as well. But yet, much more could be done. Every machine we get donated helps us help more people. As of right now, we can only diagnose one person every 10 minutes and treat only 6 people at the time. As it takes about 20 minutes up to one hour for treating someone, we can only treat up to about 8 people an hour. So every machine helps us increase this number, so patients a) wouldn’t have to wait as long or b) could get treated a little longer. It is a tough desicion at times to tell them that they are done, knowing that their illness actually requires to be treated more. However, they all are very thankful.

Around 4 pm, we headed back into town as another Guatemalan helper is joining us – Esteban. He is a psychologist from the University of San Carlos Guatemala. They decided to help us in our undertakings for free in order to help the indigenous with their traumas. We also needed to get more supply like toilet paper, syringes  and of course, coffee, or as the cat likes to name it: «pura gasolina para gringos». Yes, no fun without coffee here. Two hours later we are on our way back to the village, in the little bus. And you know the routine, coffee, beans and tortillas, with some cooked eggs tonight. Oh no, wait, maybe not yet. Because as the word spread fast, suddenly a family shows up with a girl suffering from a severe throat infection. We diagnose her, treat her with the magnet pulser, give her silver.

Now it is time for food. It is 8 pm. Today they made the best chili I have ever had in this country. I think they don’t believe me, but I really meant it. By now, the system runs quite well. The silver makes bubbles while the spooky2 runs the remote on us. During the clinic we all become better in our niches, the cat diagnoses and does the serious work, needles and consultations. Kyle runs around, putting people on machines – which ever it may be –  makes silver and I treat them with the spooky2, writing receipts, giving our last shirts away. Another successful day it was indeed and I know that many lifes have improved. With these words, I wish you a wonderful night!

I thank you all for reading along here. The blog posts are written at the time we were actually doing the clinics so I decided to leave them the way I wrote them. This second part seems a bit short and off, but I guess I must have been tired. So I hope you enjoyed the «originality» of this post and hope to see you in the next one.

Sebastian Bur - oneQclub

written by Sebastian Bur


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