Here we are again – in the beautiful area of northern Guatemala known as Peten. To many, this might be known as that part where the Mirador and Tikal pyramid structures can be seen, two things I personally haven’t seen yet even though I spent about one year in this area. We headed up here to help the people suffering from Dengue. But as usual, our plans changed, there we only few people with Dengue in this area by the time we got here. So we treated them and also old friends, locals, travelers that came through with issues and illnesses of all sorts. And while treating and diagnosing half the island of Flores, we also set up this website and making silver. Lots of silver. Oh and Freddy, our old friend, remember him? Well, he is no longer diabetic. Why? I can only guess the machines and the cinnamon tea. Or not, not assuming nothing here… but his sugar levels taking in the hospital should be somewhat proof.

With about 100 bottles of silver and the intention to help many people with dengue, we packed all our machines and belongings and ordered a private driver in order to drive us up to Rio Dulce. We simply had too much stuff now in order to travel with the local buses. Kyle and I we only can carry so much and driving with local buses from Antigua into the City and then taking a cap to the bus station and then taking a local bus again – it simply would be too much of a hassle. So our friend picked us up on a nice sunny morning. We filled the trunk and the middle seat of the back seats, while Bill had two more bags on his lab, sitting next to the driver. In other words: the car was full. Two big backpacks with our personal belongings, a big box with a plasma light machine, about 5 more plastic bags full of machines, medical stuff and some herbs. The mobile clinic is moving again.

About 7 hours later we arrived at Glorias. For three days we decided to hang around here, taking a short break and rearranging all our belongings. We also ran the silver maker for 24/7 and handed about 7 Liters to Gloria. She still takes a shot every day and boy, she is doing great – even when we aren’t around. Thinking about the fact that she couldn’t walk when we met her in June 2018, I must say the machines, the silver and our visit seem to have helped her. And the best part about it is, that she now takes care of the community she lives in: she just bought a PC for local kids to go online and learn something.

After three days, we took a nice «first class» bus towards Peten. We decided not to go with «fuente norte», as their buses almost fall apart and the reserving of seats is a concept that for this company still seems to hard to understand, so we paid a whopping 5 Dollars more for a bus from «Maya Oro» – with reserved seats, AC, and a lot of space. Wonderful. Luckily we left some machines at Glorias, so we had a little less to carry. Still enough though (think about the 100 bottles of silver).

We arrived at night in Peten. A taxi drove us to our friends local restaurant. We intended to sleep in her house, in the room we slept before. We knew it is going to be tough as there is no AC, but sweating is cleansing right, so always something positive to look forward here. Anyways, after a short meal we arrived in her place, where she told us, that her employees stay in the spare room, we would have to sleep in her room. So her house was filled with the following: three female employees: two administrators of the restaurant and the cleaner. In the backyard we had another 5 – 7 male employees, basically almost all the workers in the restaurant, the cooks, the service people. Additionally there were two dogs and three cats (yes, the cat has young ones) and on top of that about 5 chickens, one of them breeding 7 eggs, two other birds and 2 geeses. Remember, her house is a 3 room place, with one toilet and one kitchen. Ah – the universe is sending little tests in our direction. Time to do the TAO again.

Now I could write a book about the school this house has been so far for me personally, but that is another story. However, I just want to let you know, that us living in faith and doing our work sometimes means, that I end up cleaning dog shit all day, sleeping on the floor for two weeks, being involved in other peoples business while I intend to learn, educate, explore. And at times it seems really tough as many people don’t get the amount of fun we put up with, but we so far didn’t stop and we know, this is all good, because it feels like we are doing what we are supposed to do – helping, where ever it is needed, while the universe provides us with everything we need. But now, back to the clinic part, shall we?

An other friend of us we treated last year invited us to visit her in Yaxha, maybe you remember? The beautiful place in the middle of the jungle, outside all civilization, no wifi, no electricity? Yeah, Yaxha, the other – almost not known – mayan structure in Peten. One of them thousand others. So we went there to celebrate her birthday and ended up spending two days here, treating all the people working in her place with our new machine – the spooky2 Generation X.

After heading back, we started treating the whole group of the restaurant. One of the workers, it showed heart problems and «being homesick», and indeed, three days later he left to go back home to see his family. The crazy spooky2 being spooky again – diagnosing our friend of being «homesick».

Some days later we got invited by an italian couple that we diagnosed and treated in the restaurant. They have a place in «el remate», a wonderful little town on the other side of the lake. So we went and visited them and stayed here for two amazing days. While I enjoyed the sun, the water and some relaxation time, we got spoiled with homemade italian food and real italian wine. We diagnosed and treated them again, while we encountered two german gals. One of them, a journalist, later met us again in order to interview the cat. Yeah, his stories and our life style make many people wonder about what is possible in life.

I can’t remember how many people we have treated while being in Peten. But shortly after we arrived, we met our friend Freddy. He has been suffering from Diabetes for a long time and was looking forward to see us again. We treated him last year for several weeks, improving his overall feelings and state. He said that he is suffering from a lot of pain in his body. We met him, sweet and thin as he has always been, in our friends restaurant. He has been working on archilogical sides and told us he is off ten days. So we ended up treating him almost every day. And here the cool part: his blood sugar dropped biig time. While he was suffering from Diabetes a year ago, his blood sugar now doesn’t show higher numbers than 120. He even went to doctors to double check, and indeed, he seems «cured» from Diabetes. However, pain in the bones still remains a daily issue. So after treating him almost every day for ten days, we then also gave him a RSG 2 with, in order to treat himself. And all of this for free. As a thank you Freddy would invite us for lunch or bring us a bag of fruits. He really is one of our favorite patients and we are glad every time we hear he is doing better. I think being all alone out in the ruins doesn’t give him so much passion no longer, he seems to really enjoy the time off and hanging with us.

Back in Flores, we got an emergency call from a local police officer. I forgot to tell you all that we also diagnosed and treated the local police for free. You know, it is good to have friends and they are really nice people. Many of us don’t know that they actually have to pay the gas for the cars to drive around. 

Anyhow, he called us – his friends dad seemed to be dying, being in a coma for three days. So very spontaneously we headed straight back to the bus station (we didn’t even go change clothes) and drove to Poptun. 

The man was bad. 

The doctors in the hospital didn’t know what was wrong with him. He suffers from Diabetes, yes, but why would he feel so much pain? Well, let’s ask spooky, shall we? The diagnose said “infection of Botulism.” Now that is a bacterial infection that can occur from bad canned food or honey for example. 

After the diagnose Bill asked some questions. The son explained that they put honey on his dads wounds to disinfect. Honey? Oh, yeah, there it is. That is why there is Botulism. And after two days of treatments with „colloidal silver“, „CDS“ and the spooky2 as well as the RSG 2, he actually woke up and was able to talk. His pain levels dropped and he seemed much better.

Soon after, we would finally go visit one of Bills biggest friends, the head of an old mayan tribe called the „Ixta“, in a close by village called San Pedro. He has done outstanding work in order to protect the lands and his people and therefore has been awarded many awards. He also managed to get land for his tribe from the government that is now in reservation that tries as good as possible to preserve nature. They built a school but as usual, money and people are a deficit here. 

All in all we treated the whole staff of two restaurants (maybe 50 people) several times, several local families including Maria and all her family, Dona Conny, several kids and their families – a kid with a stroke when born, a kid with serious eye infection, and the kid with paraylisis -, the guy with diabetes and some 40 more people from Poptun (look up other blog) and then all the travelers – Marlous, Twan and many more, our friends living in El Remate and San Jose and all spontaneous people that came visit Flores for holidays. And almost all of them were for free with giving away silver for more than $1000. Donations all the help from friends and patients made all this possible!

But next to all that work, we also enjoyed some time off. We had plenty of time for exercise, swimming, cooking and learning more about Glyphosate and its effects on us, as well as deepen our knowledge in fields we are personally interested in. We met many new people and visited all our old friends like Conny, the family of Luz, who’s grandmother had died, Freddy and his friends, etc.

We also used this time to network in order to get more donations and help for the clinics, while I set up the website. Now this alone took me around 100 hours or more. The idea we did have rather fast, and having built two websites before, I knew a bit about what it takes. But nevertheless, wordpress is a different pair of shoes and talking to a professional web developer, I realized how much more can be done.

I ended up on the phone for many mornings to readjust pictures, the layout, the back end security, etc. And after two months of work, the website was done. But not one week later, google kindly informed me that there has been plenty of hacking attacks on the website. In order to make sure that there are no bugs within the website, my friend and I we reset the whole website, which means most of the layout and restructuring had to be redone. But after some weeks, it was finally, finally, done, done. 

What work!

I want to thank Y.Bettschen from my whole heart for all his efforts, help and ongoing support throughout this time. He spent more time on the development than I did and did it all for free! Amazing to have friends like that. And now, people have a first class experience when searching through our website for information about us and our work! Yeehaw!!

After two months of tropics, treatments and some sun we had to pack our stuff and head back down into the heart of Guatemala. From the hundred bottles of silver I think we actually sold two.. We gave the rest away for free! We did many many treatments and charged only a handful of people in order to pay for some food. But we wouldn’t have had food if it wasn’t for the good will of friends who donated some money (check the hall of gratitude). Thank you very much for helping us helping ourselves. We are very thankful.

We decided to do clinics with Rosalina Tuyuk and her organisation called CONAVIGUA – again! This time it would be 10 days – in Quiche. This would start on October the 16th. And so we drove back south, stayed a few days in Rio Dulce, diagnosed Gloria again and updated her diet, as far as she allowed us to, and landed in a friends apartment in Zone 10. 

Surprisingly, there was a whopping 20 – 30 people that wanted a consultation, so only a few days later we started working, which gave us some cash to buy more medicine, new shoes and some delicious food. We even went to the cinema on my 31st birthday, which I enjoyed very much!

Yes – in faith we live and it is a joy to be of service. It is a big adventure, with many unique experiences that I know not many people know. And with a smile and new shoes I pack my bags and prepare to head into the mountains. 

Quiche – we are coming!

Sebastian Bur - oneQclub

written by Sebastian Bur


It is a joy to be of service – try it!



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