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Emergency in Poptun

HELPING A MAN WHO LIES DYING AT HOME The last two days we spent in beautiful El Remate, where an Italian-French couple invited us to their residence - a traditional Italian restaurant. The small complex is surrounded by plants and animal sounds, directly connected to the road which meanders around the


TREATMENTS IN THE TROPICS Welcome to my second blog about the work we do. We have been in Petèn for a while now and since the positive news about the 82 year young lady whom we treated (more info here), more people started to show up to hold those two bars to

Clinic in Comalapa #2

COMALAPA #2 UNIQUE MIRACULOUS HEALINGS in this section I would love to talk about some very unique cases and very successful treatments. It might seem impossible to you what I claim we have achieved with those machines. However, remember that the highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know absolutely nothing

Clinic in Comalapa #1

FREE CLINICS FOR THE INDIGENOUS Welcome my dear lights. I have some interesting things to tell you. Now, before you judge or come up with reasons to believe this isn't anything for you, let me ask you this: what if we live in an alternate universe and can show you a way to


A JUNGLE TRIP AND A PEEING DOG Hi everybody! We are in the north of Guatemala now for over 2 months and it has been an amazing experience so far. If you think about the fact that we left with less than $30 Dollars in our pockets, we manifested quite well in


GLORIA This is a story about Gloria, a wonderful, 77 years young woman, we encountered in Rio Dulce. She lived on a boat half her life. The last 5 years she never even left it. We decided to move with her in an appartement and treat her. Three months later, she