Many people supported us in various ways: Rosie for setting up a temporary space for advising and treating people while being in the city. Patty and Gavi for their support in various ways throughout the years with medicine supply, food and other help. San Telmo and Los Amigos for allowing us to use their space



Silvana Silvana hosted us in her home and her hotel for over half a year - for free! Gloria Gloria helped us preventing a home and a base whenever we need it. We stayed at her place for over three months! Gustavo Gustavo allowed us to stay in his apartment in Guatemala City for over

Machine Donors


SOTA Team Donation: Lightworks Kit : 1 (612 USD) Water Ozonator : 1 (395 USD) Magnet Pulser : 5 (1975 USD) Bio Tuner 9 : 2 (550 USD) Silver Pulser : 1 (350USD) Spooky 2 Generation X: Jackie : 1 (1000 USD) Mary : 1 (1000 USD) RSG 1: Jackie : 2 (540 USD) RSG

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