The last two days we spent in beautiful El Remate, where an Italian-French couple invited us to their residence – a traditional Italian restaurant. The small complex is surrounded by plants and animal sounds, directly connected to the road which meanders around the lake. In other words: we lived four steps away from the lake where one can, between hissing old bars and fishing birds, relish a few swimming exercises. Personally, I prefer the dives, as the water on the surface is too warm to actually cool off. The scenery reminds me of a dreamlike Caribbean bay.

phzone_2 084.jpg

After two wonderful days with real italian food aka home made pasta and pizza and restful sleep, we made our way back to the «civilization», the tourist center of Flores. Initially we were supposed to treat the relatives of the policemen who keep the tourist destination safe. However, like many things here, this was an only halfway settled agreement and we did not expect a visit. Accordingly, we allowed ourselves to be late, enjoying the waves and real coffee and arrived at Flores at 11.00. As soon as we enjoyed electricity and connection to WIFI we called our friend Eddy. He told us that his friend’s father, who seemed to suffer from kidney problems, has been in a coma for some days and can not move anything other than his eyes. He is in so much pain, he wouldn’t even talk. Accordingly, we decided spontaneously to leave directly, without repackaging, in order to visit the policeman’s family. So back to the bus station, no repackage and relaxation, buy a piece of chicken for breakfast / lunch and eat it, while we drive two hours south by bus to Poptun.

phzone_2 888.jpg

The bus ride itself was a happening, as always, because first of all the doctor talks to everyone about everything and secondly everything is always offered – this time a fantastic plastic bag filled with the iced content of a coconut. Heavenly! Poptun is a town between Flores and Rio Dulce, and since it is a little higher, the cooler temperature is very pleasant and welcome.

phzone_2 815.jpg

The village makes a somewhat run-down, but very peaceful and cozy impression. At two o’clock we reached the village where Eddy picked us up and brought us to his house (picture above). For a police officer, they live surprisingly poor and simple – although this is still quite rich for Guatemalan standards.

phzone_2 837.jpg

The man we came to treat lie in great pain in a simple lounge chair, in the shade outside the house. The hospitals here are way to busy, not to say completely overcrowded and the private hospitals are in addition to the overcrowding also inhumanly expensive, hence many potential patients suffer in distress and often despair in their homes, in the heat, while the families take care of them. Lack of knowledge, lack of help and often poor hygiene still kill far too many people here – unimaginable circumstances for modern Western conditions.

phzone_2 811.jpg

Bottomline: nobody cares, and there is no one-stop-shop that could possibly take care of it: if you are healthy, then buy and if necessary work, if you sick, then buy and suffer. But do not ask for help. In any case, the man was pumped full of antibiotics, which cost the family a fortune, but seem to have little effect. After refusing admission to the hospital, the man fell into comma for days and was paralysed. That is how we found him.

phzone_2 819.jpg

Around him were all sorts of family members and friends who were already looking forward to see the three pure «Americanos». As usual, we set up our mobile clinic while the doctor was entertaining the whole gang and making us laugh. The diagnosis of bio-resonance devices revealed that the patient had been infected with bacteria, including those that can be consumed through bad food. Named botulism. In addition, he seemed to suffer from streptococci. In fact, the family members smeared the patient’s infected foot with honey.

phzone_2 911.jpg

Since hygiene is not the best here, the honey infected the man with botulism. The infection is now so advanced and severe that the entire left side of the back and the knee are swollen, the kidneys are completely inflamed and the patient can not move without unbearable pain.

His right foot is badly damaged by diabetes and suffers from open wounds.

phzone_2 953.jpg

We treated the patient for about an hour. First with the Spooky2. After the diagnosis, we treated the specific frequencies that are displayed. A first treatment. Then we programmed a treatment ourselves, an immune sweep, which stabilizes and «boosts» the immune system. He was then treated with 4Hz for diabetes for one hour. We additionally gave the son two bottles with MMS and two more with colloidal silver for the patient for further treatment after we had left.

phzone_2 818.jpg

In the meantime, ten more people joined us and examined our work, listened to our stories and laughed at our silliness – a highlight in the village! And as more and more people arrived, the afternoon passed quickly. Person after person wanted to be diagnosed and treated while we gave them MMS (miracle mineral solution) and played movies about why magnesium, salt and water are so important to the body.  Even I am a doctor here and get overwhelmed with questions, even though I tell them I am merely a teacher that’s just helping out a bit.

phzone_2 932.jpg

 As is customary, you have to be careful with how much you show and give, because what john wants, soon also peter and gabriella want, and so it happens that contrary to all logic everyone wants every treatment and touch every machine – a constant challenge and exercise for me. But in the end it helps me train myself with gratitude as I see how people flourish and heal.

phzone_2 936.jpg

Hour after hour passed, while Bill kept talking, explaining, exhorting, joking and entertaining. After a good 7 hours we had a small dinner, eggs, tortillas, beans and bananas – lovely. And now, at 10:37, while the two are still working, I’m sitting, tired but happy, on the floor on a blanket, which will be my bed today, and write these lines.


the fever of the man has fallen, today he has eaten something again after a long time, moves and talks a little. He is doing much better.

A 19-year-old woman with dengue and streptococci said her pain is almost gone after treatment, she feels much better.

phzone_2 852.jpg

Although I am not a doctor and I do not know how to cure illness, as a doctor’s son I know how patients behave when they feel better. And I have seen many people, who move better after the treatments, have more facial color, talk more, feel happier and act generally more relieved. And their statements support this. In other words, I am not allowed to say this, but I think the machines work. And if it’s not the machines, it’s the water, our presence or their faith. Anyway, I’m grateful that I can participate in a job that helps the poor. And I would not do that if it wouldn’t work as it would be ineffective and it is a big ordeal because sometimes we do not know if we have food or a place to sleep, so what would my intention be?

phzone_2 864.jpg

And so I go shower in a «pila» (a small sink) between banana trees and ants and will sleep happily. Let’s see how our patient is doing tomorrow, after a hopefully good night’s sleep.

It’s early morning and the family is still sleeping except for the mother. The muscles ache a bit because I slept on the floor, as a cushion I had two blankets.

The doctor is already sitting with the patient. The patient is still asleep and so we can treat the mother who is non-stop working. After that there is time for a short breakfast, two eggs in tomato sauce, a few handmade tortillas and coffee. Meanwhile, the man woke up, time to treat him. And he seems to have spent a very restful night, because he can move his arms. In addition, he is reasonably talkative, which three days ago was unimaginable. He tells me where he’s in pain and talks to some friends on the phone for about ten minutes while we diagnose him again. Then again the RSG machine with 4Hz frequency, for his diabetes.

phzone_2 1002.jpg

In the coming hours, families, couples, children and fathers came to the spontaneous clinic because they heard that the man is better and that three Americanos – Gringos – somehow have machines that can diagnose one. 11 o’clock in the morning: there are two indigenous women in their 80s who do not speak a word of Spanish. An interesting challenge. This is how we nonstop people throughout the day.

When asked how the family had treated his wounds, they said they smeared their feet with honey. Honey is known to be a good alternative to antibiotics. But it also carries risks. Infection by honey is rare but possible.

phzone_2 905.jpg

The machine, called Spooky2, revealed the following after diagnosis: botulism, streptococcus and diabetes. The frequencies hit it again. Anyway, his foot looks like he’s been infected by streptococci. The family washes the man’s foot while confirming his diabetes.

Afterwards, we treated the man for an hour with a «sweep,» (a program of the machine where it moves up and down through a set of frequencies to kill bacteria). Then we treated again all the relatives, sons, nephews, then the neighbours, including William, Jose (picture above), his mother and grandmother (picture below).

phzone_2 894.jpg

The kids do not have a dad. It is tragic and too often a fact that fathers leave families and go to the US and try their best. The entire family suffers from parasites and bacteria as we ll as Candida, too common in Guatemala unfortunately. The grandmother, according to the machine, suffers from a deformity of the skull since birth, genetically predisposed. Her daughter does not drink water and suffers from Candida. She complained of a headache, backache and wanted to test all machines. But I tried to make her realise that water is the most important medicine in this case. So she has to drink two liters of water, to take magnesium daily and, for fighting bacteria and parasites, drink cinnamon and clove tea for two weeks – five cups a day.

phzone_2 932.jpg

We also gave the family a bottle of MMS and treated them all for 20 minutes on the spooky2 mcahine. Her daughter, a happy nature like her mother, took our warnings seriously and said she will watch her mother drink water. Because Candida and a lack of water can develop into cancer over time. The machine showed no signs of cancer yet though.

phzone_2 927.jpg

Later a man who loses more and more of his eyesight day after day for months now came and visited us. He works in the field as a farmer. He seems to be the only one who does not use chemicals. However, we told him to wear masks and protection when working with chemicals and take showers after work, drinking lots of water. After the treatment, we also gave him MMS and he was very happy about it.

Then a policeman, a friend of Freddie, who brought his entire family over. His mother, who suffers from diabetes, his father, who is healthy and did not want a diagnosis, a rarity. So we treated the mother for an hour with the magnetic pulse and also with the RSG, 4Hz.

Afterwards a short lunch.

phzone_2 960.jpg

Meanwhile, we treated another family, a mother with two children, now young women. The mother (picture at the bottom), like so many, suffers from diabetes. We explained that 50% of people with diabetes can be cured with cinnamon tea, because an oil in cinnamon kills the parasites / flukes in the pancreas. Apparently. We treated the mother for 40 minutes because she also had many parasites and candida. Her two children were also not in good health. One daughter suffers from cysts in her ovaries and the other daughter suffers from inflamed lymph nodes in the breasts and under the arms. We treated them with frequencies and with the magnetic pulser, which is known to shrink cysts. And it also seems to help with lymph nodes. Her uncle, who showed up spontaneously, was also diagnosed and treated for prostate problems with the magnetic pulser.

This girl suffered from haemorrhaging  dengue (bleeding heavily) and spent three days in hospital with strong pain. We treated the child for one hour with the frequency of 4Hz via the RSG 2 machine. Developed by a NASA engineer, this frequency seems to cleanse the blood and rebuild the platelets, stopping the bleeding. The child, crying at first and refusing to touch the machine, felt better within ten minutes and started smiling and talking. Within an hour she was up again, much better and wanted to leave the place in order to go play.

phzone_2 956.jpg

By now it was already 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Time to go, we were tired and soon buses would no longer depart up north. We said goodbye to the family, mentioned again that the man has to cough in order to prevent pneumonia, he must drink enough water. In the evening he should take painkillers for good sleep. He has to take three tablespoons of silver every day and then later three spoons of MMS daily. Silver is a terrific alternative to antibiotics and MMS is another great option to kill bacterias. Then we left the place, praying that people are better off. We left phone numbers in case of an emergency. The moment we left the house, a whole truck filled with people who had driven over 40km just to see us and get treated. And with a heavy heart and regret we had to tell them that we can not treat them because we had to leave.

phzone_2 949.jpg

All in all, it was a great and wonderful experience because we were able to show many people a way to heal themselves. We are not healers, we only bring hope for improvement. And it works. But the hearts are filled with gratitude!

The doctor we work with has studied tropical medicine, psychology and worked in laboratories around the world, lectured in universities and collaborated with many doctors and politicians for the past 30 years. He has many incredible success stories from curing dengue, malaria, gastritis, recovering over 90 terminal cancers patients, deformations of many kinds. According to latest technologies and combinations of new biology / frequency research there is no longer the need to hold on to the belief that an illness can’t be healed. However, I want to ensure that we do not claim in ANY FORM to be able to cure anyone from any specific disease. It’s just me, Seabass, writing about what I see and experience.

But let’s go back to the cool stuff. The doctor holds the highest honor for humanitarian help for all his work he has done to help the poor people in the past 20 years, working with the congress and several universities of Guatemala to set up research centers and clinics for poor people that don’t have access to health care.

To hard to believe? Well, it took me half a year to believe it and after watching kids getting healed from dengue within 35 minutes and people walking again after being paralyzed, I am simply amazed to see what else these machines are capable of and quite convinced. And that is why I blog: I want to tell the world, that these things do really work – it just might be to good to be true. Let me tell you, it is actually even better!

So let me briefly explain the machines. I am not a scientist nor a doctor, so please do your own research and don’t take my words as true.


SPOOKY 2 – Bio-electric Frequency generating Machines

Royal Rife and Hulda Clark have been studying, documenting, researching and programming the effects of frequencies on cells and the human body as well as many known diseases. They came to conclusions, that cells – no matter what kind of disease or cell you examine – respond to specific frequencies. It became clear, that there must be a frequency that can heal or kill any kind of cell in your body and thus heal your cells or help you get rid of diseases. With a database of over 40’000 frequencies, you can now help heal cancer, flu, chronic fatigue, mineral deficiencies, anxiety etc. with a machine called Spooky2. For more information you want to check out this website and their forum in case you have specific questions. Additionally, you can watch many educational videos like this Ted Talk, where they show how cancer cells die due to being exposed to specific frequencies,. There are also documentaries about Rife, or you can check out Dr. Hulda Clarks website.


Based on Bob Becks Research, there are several frequencies that successfully treat almost all problems, one for the physical pain, one for mental problems and one for almost any illness within the body. The RSG is a device that runs 3 different frequencies.

Nano Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver helps us treat people with infections, diarrhea, gastritis, bacterial infections, fungus, skin diseases, etc. Many indigenous people have commented that their pain levels dropped massively after using colloidal silver. Some of them have even reported being cured from chronic infections. It is even said that it is the only known cure for Ebola.

Zero Point Energy

Based on the research of Nikola Tesla, Zero Point Energy helps the human body by alleviating stress by stimulating the blood cells to coherency, creating an organized environment for the blood to flow, reducing inflammation and tension caused by stress. The coherent blood cells are more organized and thus can more efficiently transport nutrients and oxygen, aiding in the body’s natural regeneration.

MMS / CDS / Chloride Dioxide

MMS (Mineral Miracle Solution) is a solution that helps the human body in a very simple way – through oxidation. There has been much research on it by Dr. Andreas Kalcker and it’s even claimed to heal and cure Autism. It’s supposed to kill of parasites and bacteria’s of all kinds and helps us cure arthritis, cancer, autism and parasitical infections.

Still here? Great, then let’s have a look at the miracles we experienced with these machines. Read more in other blogs about the amazing stories and become a member to stay tuned with what we are up to.

Until the next time!

Sebastian Bur - oneQclub

written by Sebastian Bur


It is a joy to be of service – try it!



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