Welcome my dear lights. I have some interesting things to tell you. Now, before you judge or come up with reasons to believe this isn’t anything for you, let me ask you this: what if we live in an alternate universe and can show you a way to cure cancer, a path to heal diabetes. What if I would tell you that I’ve seen the lame walk again? Now, it is up to you to continue reading. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. By the way, I am no doctor nor a physicist or a the like, I am just a dude observing and speaking of my observations.

Initially, we wanted to start off our clinics with an three hour psychology class for the women of war crime here in the region of Chimaltenango. Most indigenous women and men around the age of 30 or above have some memory of the civil war that spread its fury through the mountains of Guatemala in the 80’s and 90’s. Major crimes against humanity happened in this time, such as; horrific slaughter and burning people alive, cutting people open with machetes after raping them all night, tearing families apart and leaving scars in hearts. These things happened for many years and brought misery, pain and poverty to many people. So, in order to help them, we decided to give them the opportunity for a free clinic and also a class in psychology in order to heal their own wounds, as well as help others through their pain and shame.

But just a day before the start of that class our psychology professor had to cancel due to an illness. So we unfortunately couldn’t teach the women about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). But we intend, at some point, to come back and do the class›, so the women can go out into the fields and treat other people with this simple, yet very effective method and help them cure the emotional wounds of others. In the meantime, we would go anyways and do our clinics.

Rosalina Tujuc’s husband showed up 10 minutes after three, which was actually very on time for Guatemalan customs. We drove to Chimaltenango and picked up Rosalina and than enjoyed a fantastic drive through the mountains of this area, where he would show us his piece of land. It has gotten very expensive here in the past decades and it seems a little odd to me, because it is very dry for long periods of time and contains steep hills, which make agriculture much more difficult. Nevertheless, he showed us his property and with pride,  taught us all about his plants, i.e. a salt plant that can be used alternatively as a supplement for minerals. His knowledge and passion for nature is amazing.

At five in the afternoon we arrived in Comalapa, where we would stay with one of Rosalina’s friends for the next three days. The clinic would be in the same house and it seems as if they built it for this purpose, as there was three bedrooms and two waiting rooms. We then ran all over Comalapa in order to pick up blankets for the night and water for colloidal silver. A medicine which helps with many various diseases and illnesses.

Comalapa itself is an interesting place. 45’000 people live here, mainly indigenous catholics.

Life here is very different from what we know in the western world. Many of the residents live in very poor circumstances and have had a really tough life. Most are busy with physical labour to meet their most basic of needs. They walk three hours every day to keep working on farms or go to the local fountains in order to carry water for cooking and cleaning. Some of the women are over 70. The older ones, of which can no longer work, suffer even more due to them having no income and thus basically no food. It is mainly the women that work from 5 ‹clock in the morning up until 10pm in order to keep the house clean, plant, prepare or sell food, wash the clothes and maintain their churches.

The place is full of small streets filled with street dogs and little tienda’s as well as tiny, very simple, houses. If it wouldn’t be because of cars and phones, I could as well just have jumped a hundred years back into the past. 48% malnutrition amongst their kids, 65% illiterate. They cook with wood, wash their clothes (if water is available) in their backyard by hand or down at the public places near a small river. They eat plants that grow around the house, and of course corn, beans and eggs. But because most don’t have the education about food and health and can’t afford doctors, they suffer from many problems like diabetes, gastritis and being overweight. But they have an incredible gratitude and sense of helping each other out, which I come to experience as a wonderful talent they cultivated in their hearts and many westernised countries could learn a lot from. We’d enjoy their gratitude in many ways, be it invitations for drinks or food or even explorations around town, blessings or even tears of gratitude.

Monday morning, a little nervous because I didn’t know what’s to come, we set up the clinic – our beloved spooky 2 generation X, the magnet pulser and our little army of RSGs.

8.00, the first patients show up. They enter our room and the doctor starts, like he always works: he makes them laugh, tells them fantastic stories about his ability to cure people with the machines, he warns them that his flees might bother them. They laugh with the doctor, who calls himself the cat, asking for his fried rats with cheese, while Kyle measures their blood pressure, smiling at the joke that made the cat famous all over the country. „Giving them hope, make them forget their pain for a second, draw a smile on their face, that still is the best medicine there is.“

They then either stay in the room and get a specific treatment with the spooky 2, or go into the other room to get to know one of our other machines. By 9am, the clinic has filled up and we as well as our machines are fully busy. What we have seen so far will turn out to be the main thing for most patients to come. They start with explaining their pain in the shoulder, arms and feet. Often a heat and a constant pain when walking and working. Their muscles are hard and sore. The doctor, knowing about these issues, asks about the amount of water they drink. A lot they say. How many glasses, the doctor asks, one or two a day most patients respond. Our first consultation for 95% of the people thus becomes: „teticha q’ich ya“ – drink more water.

What I love about the indigenous is there openheartedness. They are very thankful and show their gratitude in many forms. They are always open for a laugh and have a good sense of humor. However, to be honest, they don’t really listen. Many of them that returned for 5 days, would simply refuse to drink water. It seems that the more machines, pills and injections, the better. However, we pay everything out of our own pockets and can’t afford to inject everybody all day long and we only have a few machines, so we try to educate them about the importance of water, fruits and vegetables. Eventually, they would listen and tell us that their pain levels drop, that the soreness disappeared, that colds and flu’s, gastritis and chronic bleedings stop – even without pills, shots and operations.

We are busy nonstop for 6 hours straight, until we finally consulted the last person. By that time, the clinics waiting room filled up already again for the afternoon. We took a little lunch and about 30 minutes later we went back to work. Gastritis, diabetes, systs, some times liver issues, ovary infections, bad hearing and a stubborn cough. I am less and less nervous and start to make jokes myself in order to give the people a little laugh, while waiting for the machines to be done. While it was quite chaotic in the morning, during the afternoon we figured out a way to organize the clinic. Patients would see the doc, he’d tell us what to do, and we’d set up the machines. In special cases, they’d get injections to lower their pain or even get a son to be famous spooky2 diagnoze. But because the indigenous rarely get treatments for free and are excited about machines, needles and pills, when one person gets a treatment, they all want it. It doesn’t really matter to them, what for it might be, but it for sure is good. It was a good lesson for me to learn to be more assertive when treatments aren’t needed or even contraproductive.

The next day, it seemed already like a routine. There were more people, but many of them with one of the above mentioned issues. Most people that came for the second time, felt way better. Many of them said, they slept better and their pain dropped. This could be because during the night we ran the spooky2 for better sleep and relaxation on their nails we collected the day before – hence the name spooky2. It is so spooky, it even finds your DNA through quantum entangelement and can treat you from Earth while you are on Venus looking for your soul mate and have a serious cough. We also handed out a lot of colloidal silver, the medicine for over 650 different problems, whether it be Gastritis, varisis, ear infections or fungal infections – the maybe only antibioticum without any secondary effects. So every patient got a bottle. But as it goes, one patient shows up with a big bottle, which we unfortunately filled, because soon after everyone showed up with a two liter bottle instead of a half a liter one. So we started to measure and had to explain them, that one ounce in the U.S. costs about 30 USD and we have to get up in the night to make more medicine as well as pay for it, so we can’t really hand it out in massive quantities. Our helper started to make a list of who gets more medicine, so we’d have a system for that too, but it never really worked. With about 100 people a day, I just lost the overview. In total, we might have handed out a 100 liters of colloidal silver. I bet you that millions of parasites and fungus-cells had a major mental breakdown that week.

But i got more and more in a routine, knew what to do with the diabetics, the syst patients and gastritis. It would mostly look like this: take blood pressure, tell them again to drink at least two liters of water, then put them on one or two machines, then explaining, that the treatments are done. After three days we started to write everything down, so they would be able to remember in case they forgot. Water, silver, magnesium. For Parasites: drink cinnamon and cloves tea. For cancer: bicarbonate, aloe vera and magnesium. „Matiox“ – you’re very welcome. Now please remember, drink water!

Sebastian Bur - oneQclub

written by Sebastian Bur


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