For the second time we head out into the jungle in order to help our friend with serious arthritis, but also to get away for a while and help indigenous people that live in the jungle. It’s been an extraordinary trip where we helped many people, especially the workers of the reserve.


For the second time we left for yaxha and little did I know what was about to happen. I have been walking this path of faith and synchronicity for a while now and it gets more and more miraculous.

Save The first day we arrived, we went back into our amazing hunted house and felt home immediately. It was time for us to take some time off of the restaurant, the busy town, the wifi and the online world. We all looked forward to detox and unplug for a while.

At about 3 pm in the afternoon we headed out for our local bus at the bus stop in a village close by. We had about 500 Quetzales (70 USD), with which we bought some groceries to feed us for the following ten days. With our bags full of food and excitement for some chill time, we headed off for yaxha. But things work a little different in Guatemala. We got the tickets and the bus drove off. After about an hour, we thought we passed a left turn we were supposed to take, so the driver checked the ticket and meant all is in order. But some minutes later we realized, that the environment does not look familiar, thus we asked again. This time we told him twice, that our destiny was Yaxha. He turned around and looked at me, so I checked the ticket and realized, they just wrote the end destination of the bus on the ticket. Thus the bus stopped in the middle of nowhere, in order to send us back from where we came. Luckily a bus crossed and they somehow managed to take us back to the turn we were supposed to take.
Unfortunately, it still was a 11km walk to the resort and we didn’t have money, nor was there a bus going there. So we contacted our friend if she somehow could pick us up, but she didn’t have a car for over a year. So we sat on the side of the road and explored the road and it quantity of quartz stones, looking for some nice crystals. With the left 30 Quetzales we bou’ght 20 eggs for breakfast and waited for a solution. Soon later our friend told us, that the host actually rented a car for today in order to get gas and would soon pass our location and could pick us up. And indeed, an hour later, right when we decided to walk to her place, she showed up.

We arrived at about 6 in the evening and enjoyed being back in the haunted house. It still had the same mystic touch and everything was were we left it. We were invited for dinner and enjoyed the company of Gaby and then went to bed quite early.

The next day our friend S. Showed up with her two year old kid. The doctor was in much pain and thus needed rest, so we took the kid out to go play in the woods, looking for stones. Later, we set up the machines for Gaby and programmed her specific program with all kinds of frequencies for her artrithis. The following days we spent most of the time brewing coffee or tea, exploring nature and observing animals behaviour. There was only a few people in the resort, so we could take care of Gaby. Her pain levels dropped quite a bit and felt much better after every treatment. As we explored the lands around, we encountered a man who had a lot of pain*. So we told him to come over to Gaby’s place called „El Sombrero“. At 6, three men showed up in our house, one with serious pain in his hips and muscles, another one with pain all over his body and our friend we met earlier.

We treated them for about half an hour with nano colloidal silver and our zero point energy stirloins. They got better and their pain released quite a bit. But we told them to come back when there’s electricity, so we can treat them with our spooky machines.

The next day we enjoyed a nice walk through the jungle, where we explored some mayan ruins and caves. Around these caves, we found some beautiful quartz rocks and chrystals and ancient mayan pottery. As the day turned into night, six men showed up. They all heard from the successful treatments of their friends. Close by, there is a military base, where we used to buy some cookies or a coke when we craved some sugar. They live in poor circumstances, out in the jungle with matrasses probably older than myself. They live there and serve for around 20 years, looking after the jungle, the ruins and the visitor center. They work hard and often hike for hours through dence jungle and doctors are not around out there. They go home once a month for a couple of days, to visit and enjoy their family, before going back to the jungle.
They all seem to have similar problems: some issues with the prostate, a lot of pain in their hips and high blood pressure. Main reason for these problems might be that they simply don’t drink enough water. The doctor always tells them: „Rivers of water, exit the stomach, life!“. (bible verse)

So we set up the machines and started to treat them. They all respond very well to the main universal frequencies and I start to realize, that simple health issues or difficult emotional or mental states get up to 80% better, simply by running these 4 frequencies and giving them some water to drink. So every guy held the machine, with an additional frequency for pain: arnica (1042Hz).

Alternatively, we put the one guy with intens hip pain and the tw oguys with prostate issues on the magnet pulser.

The following day, some of them returned and new ones showed up.
Guy 1 said, his pain is completely gone, he just came to show his friends how we work. His pain was completely gone. He asked though if he could bring his wife who suffers from a bacterial stomach infection. His daughter has a lip defect since birth, he wondered if we could help her too.

The doctor told him, that a friend of us from canada, currently also living in Guatemala, who suffered from the same issue, was asking if we knew some people who had this disease. She wants to raise money for the kids that can’t afford a surgery. So that is neat, we hope we can get this going.

The other guy, who fell down a cliff and has no more strength in his hips got tw otreatments, both with the magnet pulser and the spooky 2, and he was so happy. He said he could sleep 8h straight without waking up from pain.

Another guy, whos blood pressure was off the chart, got advised to drink more water. The machine made his blood pressure go down signifficantly. His pain in his chest and hips got so much better, that he asked us, if we could visit his fmaily at some point. His wife has high blood pressure and his mom has severe liver cerrosis. We agreed and a couple of days later, we headed out to visit his family.

Then there was another man, who has a lot of pain in his hands. He, as well as all the others, got treated with universal numbers and got an additional massage from the cook. She is an alternative healer and fixed the doctors stomach after one month of diarrhea with simple natural cures: lemon juice, a completely burned and smashed tortilla mixed with a drink called „tamarindo“ and All spice leaves tea. I admit, it is fun to watch how we help all these guys but then we ourselves forget to fix ourselves. But anyways: we would love to get some cash together for her so she can start her own medicine project and help the people around with her skills. She is very connected to the plants and told us, her knowledge comes in dreams. You don’t have to believe it, but I am glad for the doctor, that he can finally eat again and put on some weight.

One day, we also headed out for an adventure to get some food. We were out after 7 days and had about 20 USD left to get out of the jungle and get some food. We walked through the jungle to the next tienda, which was a 7km walk away. On the way, we enjoyed the birds, looking for stones and observing the second loudest mammal in the world, the houler monkey. After 6km we met a guy we met before, but I can’t remember where. He invited us to his house, so we met his whole family and kids. He showed us all the plants and trees he grows. The kids showed me the „ants-lions“ and all their toys. The doctor played a silly cat with the stetoscope in his pants, looking for rats (the kids). They laughed so hard, as did we. I read the parents palms and told them what might be helpful in case they want to set up a backpackers place. I know, we are odd birds, but it is amazing, how healing it can be for these people that have so little and are so thankful for „gringos“ being just nice, makes jokes and give them a little hope.

They showed us the next tienda, where a mom had serious problems with her throat. The doctor told her to eat more salt for iodine, as her thyroid might be unbalanced. He also gave her some reiki healing and prayed for her. We have the approach, that everything is energy and sometimes health issues can be just emotional. I hope she is doing better.

WE bought eggs and some pasta, but didn’t buy beans after a long dispute because we had only about 2 USD left and still no idea how to get out of the jungle. But we know, the universe will come up with a solution – a perfect solution.

When we returned back, there was again all the guys with big smiles on their faces, waiting for their treatments. And things started to get really funky since then. They were so thankful for the treatments and they felt so much better, so they brought us some food as they saw, how much we had left. They brought us tuna fish, soups and 4 cans of beans. I laughed so hard, that after all that talking about whether to treat us with eggs and beans in the morning or keeping the 2 USD for emergency, we finally ended up with both, with more beans than we could have bought and the 2 USD for emergency. Thank you universe, I really appreciated it. The guy with the high blood pressure went to his chief and asked for permission to get a day off ,so he could bring us to his village so we could treat his mother. He got the permission and we now even got a ride back out of the jungle! It was a very interesting day.

So the next morning we got up at six, went to the military base and chatted to the guys before heading out. They were supposed to come back again later that day, but we were manifesting some interesting stuff that day and I kind of felt that maybe, we won’t be back on time.

We went into a little town and treated a whole family. The mother had a very bad liver thathasbeen tested several times and yet she seemed to not improve. They gave her several chemical drugs, but it seemed to not solve the issue. While treating her sister, herdaughter, her daughtes husband and her sisters daughter, they entertained us and showed us their pigs, their flowers, gave us lemonade and frozen chocolate bananas. They were so very helpful and thankful even though they are really poor. As a thank you for treating them for several hours and leaving them a couple of bottles of silver (worth ca. 200 USD), they cooked a nice fish meal for us. Little did I know, but this day was one of the most intens of my life. Waking up and driving around with the military, then visiting a poor family and treat them and get invited for a nice fish meal from the local lake, then heading to a nice hotel right at the lake, where we enjoy some pancakes and a coffee and treat this veterinarian doctor, who invites us into his property and shows us his land – he bought a whole hill you could build a city upon. But this is just his farm, he bought about 20 miles of land for a ecological project, where nature and animals can flourish again. After eating lunch with the poor, we enjoyed expensive wine and home made cheese plus dinner with the rich. With a full belly, full memory and excited about life I watched the stars above our heads while our car kept failing while driving home and ffinally broke down completely some 100 meters before home. We pushed the car – the doctor insisted in helping to push it. As we were pushing and Kyle was driving, on a sudden the car started again and accelerated quickly, which made me and the doctor fall so hard on the naked rocks that we hit our hands and heads full on on these rocks. Shocked as I was, I picked him up while he was laughing and laughing and little did I know: the pain from his broken neck was gone ever since. Sometimes, things just don’t make any sense. But I guess that’s the beauty of life and keeps people going – miracles that be unexplained. This day for sure was a miraculous one – I won’t forget it so fast.


It is a joy to be of service – try it!



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