in this section I would love to talk about some very unique cases and very successful treatments. It might seem impossible to you what I claim we have achieved with those machines. However, remember that the highest form of ignorance is to reject something you know absolutely nothing about! I merely talk about my experiences and observations, I don’t claim anything! But I highly recommend to keep reading, because these experiences are physical miracles!
On tuesday, the second day of our clinic in Comalaa, after a full days work from 8 in the morning until 6.30 at night, we left the house in order to visit yet another patient. Rosalina knew the patients family for a long time. The mother of the family had a derame about 4 and a half years ago. Ever since, she spent most of her time in bed and couldn’t feel her left side ar all. Her feet went numb, and so did her hand, which made it impossible for her to move or do much around the house. On top of all the work the family had to do anyways, they now also had to carry, wash and help their mother whenever needed.
We drove through the town with a TukTuk and arrived at her house. They live in a bigger house than most people here. I never really got how it works here, but I guess families just stay together. There was the mother, then three of her four daughters, one with two daughters herself, that both had a baby themselves. But I only once saw one husband of one of the women. However, the room she lived in for the last for years is small and long, with just little glass bricks on top so some daylight falls into the room. No TV, no books. On the left side there is a closet full of blankets and in the very back, next to the bed, an altar with many pictures of Jesus.

We set up the machine. Due to the long day and a decrease of our concentration we realized that we forgot a piece of the spooky2 in order to run the cold laser. So we set up the hand bars and run a program for brain functions. After half an hour I realized that we set up the wrong Port, so she didn’t get any frequency so far. In order to not stay another hour, we were tired, we set up the spooky2 again, this time for just 15 minutes, I ran oxygen and the main frequencies we always use: 727, 787. 880 and 5000 Hz. We also used the magnet pulser on her head. Additionally, we treated the women with 30 minutes of 4 Hz for general health and blood cleansing on the RSG.
The very next day, we visited them again, and were absolutely stunned what we would find! The mother felt much better and slept very well. But not just that, she said she felt like little ants were crawling down her legs. She felt her left hand and even her foot again, something that hasn’t happened for over 4 years! Now call that a miracle! The frequencies did their amazing work again! I had no idea, that one normally won’t simply be healed from a stroke, so this experience is a rather unique case.

We keep treating her almost every day and thanks to the treatments, she has more color in her face and also her lips turned red, where they were blue before the treatments. After four weeks of nearly daily treatments, she can now walk through the room, grab items with her hand and move both arm and leg again! The machines did their work and so did we, now the family has to make sure that she relearns moving her arm and leg – I showed them simple yet effective movements that would strenghten the brain and its bridge. I learned these from my mom who is a successful physiotherapist.

While we were in their homes, we also treated her daughters, neighbours and kids kids. Most of the time we would give them a 30 minutes RSG 4 Hz treatment, but after two weeks we decided to scan them all on the spooky. Some had parasites, one had heart problems and was close to a stroke. So we made sure they get their magnesium, drink cinnamon and cloves tea and silver every day, and see, they all got better. The woman with the heart issue could sleep much better, the irritated skin of her daughter got healed. They all had more energy and said they could eat again three times without pain. We explained, that is because they finally did drink the water and take the medicine the way we explained. We were very satisfied and they were very thankful. Under tears, one daughter told us, how hard the suffered and how thankful they are for the help we provided. As they were very strong catholics, we received many blessings and prayers for protection.

The lady straightened out her foot and is now able to walk again. And that after complete numbness of her left side for four and a half years.

On wednesday, there was a little less people in the morning, which gave us the time to breath a little bit after lunch. Most patients came back for injections in order to reduce the pain, for their diabetes treatments or because we needed them to come back to help the with their systs. In the afternoon, more new people showed up, some with serious problems. There war Rosalina’s Mother who had a edema, which can be quite dangerous. And we also encountered a patient with a massive ear tumor and cancer in his head. I mention him further below with more details. He needed serious treatments, as did Rosalina’s mom. So we kept them for a little longer, while in the backroom we ran all the machines on the people that came for general treatments. But we started to tell them with more severeness that they need to drink the 2L of water in order to feel better, get rid of toxins and pain. Also, the medicine we gave them in massive quantities wouldn’t work if it isn’t taken with a good jug of water. But they prefer shots from water, lemon juice or magnesium, which made it a bit tedious. Eventually it worked though, because we wouldn’t inject people with a too high blood pressure, due to a lack of liquid in the body.

We forced to close the clinic at 6 because at 5 another woman showed up with cancer all over her body. So we set up the machine so that it would diagnoze her and had to kick out the people because we had another patient, the woman with the diarhema. When we got there, we treated her with the laser and the magnet, while we treated some other 6 or 8 people that belonged to the family. A piece of bread and coffee gave us some more energy so I also read some people’s hands, while we treated the mother with the RSG. Two hours later and very tired, we went back home.

The next day, all the serious patients came back. The woman with the cancer and tumors all over her body had a long list of illnesses that the spooky diagnozed. There were tumors, cancer and many parasites. The machine also picked up molds. So we ran specific frequencies that the machine spit out through the laser, which takes about an hour. We also started to use our air machine so people would breath in colloidal silver which would find its way into the blood way faster. This helped two kids with serious coughs, the lady with the edema (she came for three more days but doesn’t have water in her lungs anymore), three elderly women with just general health problems. It cleaned in all cases their dry caugh which mostly is due to parasites. This day though there was wyy more people with sometimes a waiting list of about 20 people. We worked as fast as possible and had to become a bit more assertive to certain patients that just loved to get a full all inclusive treatment, even though their only issue would be diabetes or high blood pressure. So we started many conversations with „tomes agua? Si? Quantos vasos“ and then mostly after their responses „por eso! Nessecitas tomer mas!“. Running kids, patients with the idea of not having to wait like others and family members of families we treated as well as patients that just watched us treating others made it in times more stressful and chaotic than it was intended to be. Due to the stress I got sick and a serious sore throat that day. I kept working but in the afternoon went to bed. I slept and had fever, while the others kept working. My sore throat would last for some days, while Kyle got sick for some days too.

Wednesday. A woman that showed up due to heavy pain in her veins in her legs, came back and gifted us bread – a cat shaped bread – as a thank you because her pain lever dropped a fantastic 80%. That is one of our successes. Most people that came this day,

After two weeks of many many treatments, with up to 60 people a day, we started to figure out, how to adjust the diagnostics even more. While we still treated people every morning, we now had our main patients that showed up every day, we started to do house visits in the afternoon. We treated the „ear man“ every morning at about 9, first with the laser lights, later with MMS (CDS). Next to it, he would hold the RSG for an hour as well as the magnet pulse for about 20 minutes. His ear after all changed, but the tumor is still there. What I didn’t know, is the fact, that he went through 35 chemo therapies. Two days before we left, he invited us to his place. They live very poorly but were very welcoming and cooked a fantastic pollo pepian, my favourite. While we ate in their little church, we talked about our military past, as he was a former soldier, and so are we. His ear didn’t heal yet, but we left him a bottle of silver (worth 2000 USD) and all our MM Solution. We also encouraged him, to take the baking soda daily, combined with the silver, magnesium, water and vitamin C. Let’s see how this story continues.

The woman with the stroke could – after three weeks of daily treatments – move her leg and her arm. Now, I haven’t heard of somebody that has been healed from a stroke, but this got her feelings back! She finally feels her leg and her hand again, after 4 and half years. She walks through the living room now, which was impossible just a month ago. Her daughters all feel better due to our suggestion of drinking cloves and cinnamon tea as it kills flux parasites. They now eat three times a day, which, according to them, wasn’t possible before due to chronic heavy stomach pain. They also drink water and take magnesium, and under tears, one of her daughters showed us her gratitude, that we, when nobody else would care because they were so poor, would treat them and that they all feel so much better. As a thank you they gave us a drink or some fruit every time we visited, but also some hand made table clothes and 200 Q, which is a lot for them. They said, it is for us, so we could buy a meal. They also treated us with a traditional „egg treatment“ that takes out negative energy. And it did. Since the treatments my chronic fear and anxiety became less and I feel much more secure and relaxed around people. So that’s cool.

„Teticha k’ich ja“ was one of the only senses I learned in Kaqchikel, but I won’t forget it so fast. „Drink more / a lot of water“. I don’t remember how many times to how many people I repeated this sentences. I must have said it 500 times, while I wrote one of the hundreds of receipts about magnesium, silver and teas. But the amount of positive feedback we received is outstanding.

And then there is the story of Eucebio. An old man, who doesn’t have a house and no money at all, but a horrible infected foot and cancer. He became one of our patients we treated daily for about two weeks. Shortly after we started treating him, he got a heavy fever for three days, so we started to visit him in his „home“. After the fever, he once vomited some kind of very bad smelling liquid, and since he is much better. He sits in the chair and seemed to have much more energy, even though the pain makes it hard for him to sleep. We treated him every day with the RSG for one hour, the magnet pulse for 20 – 40 minutes, we gave him about 4 bottles of silver, we treated him with frequencies for cancer and bacterias and also gave him half of our stack of Vitamin C. We stay in contact and hope, he will get better. He showed us his gratitude every time with a thousand thank yous and a big smile, on our last good bye, he cried and thanked us again. This gesture touched my heart, because I could feel, how much gratitude he had and how thankful he was and I even had a tear in my eyes, because I can only imagine how much he must have suffered. He lives under a tower by the way. So we also tought them about Orgonite.

There was also a lady who was depressed after giving birth to 15 kids and didn’t leave the house anymore. She refused to go to the market, refused to talk to people. Her family brought her over in the hope we could treat and help her. She complained about a lot of pressure and pain in her head. So instead of diagnosing her, the doc simply chose to inject Novocain into her head. After the injections, she went and held the RSG2,like most people after they’ve seen the doctor. Then, after 5 minutes, she came back, all confused and told me she couldn’t hear anymore. She said there was a big «pop» and her hearing continuously diminished. I got a little scared and told the doc, he just smiled and said to her, as loud as it was needed, that that is absolutely perfect. She and her whole family left. A week later they showed up again and the family said, they had no idea what we did, but it completely changed. The woman was talking constantly, excentric and passionate as one can be, she even went to the market upon her own initiative. They ware all super excited about this change!

And then my favourite miracle. A little girl, two and a half years old, came to the clinics. She was carried by her brother. We diagnosed her and the scan would reveal several problems, one of them being a stroke due to complications on birth and hemiplegia. Now get this, the machine picked up that she had complications during birth! The mother told us about the birth and that she was all blue because the umbilical cord was wrapped around her head three times. In order to safe her, they had to pull hard on her head and from there she might have the damage to her brain. We treated her on the machine for about 45 minutes, while we also pulsed the back of her head with the magnet pulser. Two days later – and this is true! – the family came back, the mother in tears. They said, that the very next day, the kid could walk for the first time in her entire life! In the video you can see her first walk, while her brother mentions that she couldn’t do this before.

And while we treated the people, we also got to know so many of the local indigenous people. We visited the market and enjoyed the meat place full of flies, tons of fruit stands and the 5Q DVD shops, where we became main guests. We visited some local artists and astonished their talents, experienced the lifestyle of the poor in Comalapa. We saw the activities or processions of the death and resurrection of Jesus, we enjoyed a visit in a home for abandoned people. We even were part of a traditional indigenous wedding. But the best was our host, Adela, who cooked us three meals a day, cleaned the house, helped us in our clinic, made sure we always have some coffee. She cooked with fire and got up at 5 to make sure, we would have a warm breakfast at 8. She taught me how to make Tortillas, Tamalitos and more. I became a good friend and hope to visit her again soon, so I can learn how to make the traditional clothings.

Sebastian Bur - oneQclub

written by Sebastian Bur


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