Clinic in Comalapa #1

FREE CLINICS FOR THE INDIGENOUS Welcome my dear lights. I have some interesting things to tell you. Now, before you judge or come up with reasons to believe this isn't anything for you, let me ask you this: what if we live in an alternate universe and can show you a way to


A JUNGLE TRIP AND A PEEING DOG Hi everybody! We are in the north of Guatemala now for over 2 months and it has been an amazing experience so far. If you think about the fact that we left with less than $30 Dollars in our pockets, we manifested quite well in


GLORIA This is a story about Gloria, a wonderful, 77 years young woman, we encountered in Rio Dulce. She lived on a boat half her life. The last 5 years she never even left it. We decided to move with her in an appartement and treat her. Three months later, she


IT'S A JOY TO BE OF SERVICE Hi everybody! Welcome to the oneQclub! Imagine a world, where there is actually a cure for any disease! A world, where knowledge and resources are shared so everybody who is sick can get treated accordingly, in a holistic way, so they get better quick. Imagine that

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